The most iconic adverts of all time – Part 1

20.07.2017 Posted by Saranne DaviesSaranne Davies

We all have at least one that sticks in our mind.  


Be it one of the glossy TV ad campaigns from the 80’s or a stark print advert geared to shock from the nineties.

Those catchy slogans, punchy graphics, irritating ear worms weren’t created by accident – a lot of thought and marketing “science” was applied to bring these to the forefront of customers minds, not just for the 30 seconds or so they were on screen but years later..

..that’s a powerful thought..

YEARS later.

Love them or hate them, for whatever reason, I can bet you’ll have one that sticks in your mind.


“A million housewives everyday, pick up a tin of beans and say”..

Fill in the blanks


“Stales smells up here often come from down there.  Smells from your dog and tobacco too.  Well, new Shake n Vac from Glade is here..its all you have to do”

Sing along..


“Hands that do dishes can feel as soft as your face, with mild green”..

You sang the answer.


Can you sell a product without selling the product?


Can a gorilla sell chocolate?  Yes, he can.

Remember HER? Shocking.

Sing along if you dare – it’ll be stuck in your head all day

And barely a word is said. Classic.

He caused a stir

So did he – for different reasons of course.

A fancy advert for sports brands?  Nope.

All because a lady loves..

How often would you put potatoes and aliens in the same place?

Always one to make a splash


Advertising does more than just place your product on screen to capture your customers attention.  It can capture their imagination and keep your brand in mind, sometimes for years to come, and its not just TV that can capture attention either.  We’ll highlight some excellent print campaigns in the next post.


Who’d have thought that Meerkats could sell insurance or monkeys sell tea bags?