Local press is “most trusted” source for local news and information

12.04.2018 Posted by TM Solutions

New research has confirmed something that we’ve always known here at Trinity Mirror Solutions – the local press, in print and online, is the most trusted source for local news and information.

We know this because our newsbrands have been part of their communities for many years and our readers have always relied on us to report with honesty and accuracy.

Even so, we were surprised to see just how highly valued our industry is when it comes to trust. The YouGov research shows that a massive 74% of those polled said that they trusted the local press. This is higher than local commercial TV and radio, search engines such as Google and Bing, and other websites.

Trust Chart 

Crucially, just 22% said that they trusted social media platforms. So local newsbrands are viewed as three times more trustworthy than the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In the era of fake news and concerns about privacy it seems that audiences are overwhelmingly turning to traditional media for their news and information.


“Advertisers large and small must recognise the clear advantages of partnering with local media”
Craig Nayman, Local Media Works


Craig Nayman, the chairman of Local Media Works who commissioned the research, says that the results are “compelling evidence” that there is a “resurgence of trust” in the local press.

He believes that the results provide a clear message to advertisers, particularly in the current climate when trust is at a premium. “Advertisers large and small,” he says, “must recognise the clear advantages of partnering with local media in order to communicate with their audiences in a safe, trusted, and highly effective environment”.


“Trust in social media as a source of news is particularly low”
Justin Marshall, YouGov


YouGov’s Justin Marshall commented on the comparative lack of confidence in social media, saying that “trust in social media as a source of news is particularly low, followed by general internet searches, whereas trust in established newsbrands is far greater.”

The results support a study from earlier this year by the Edelman Trust which found that public trust in traditional media in the UK had reached its highest level in six years, while trust in social media platforms and search engines had dropped.

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