Long Live Local Media!

23.06.2017 Posted by Saranne DaviesSaranne Davies

Local = Trusted

Local news media, in print and online, is the most effective combination for driving consumer action.

Readers are more than twice as likely to act on the advertisements than those on TV and social media, the *Consumer Catalyst study from Think Media has found.

Recent studies have found that contrary to common belief, the power of local media is still unbeatable when it comes to marketing your business.  The industry is still experiencing challenging conditions with reported decreases in print sales abound but online audiences are growing at healthy rates confirming that readers still value local media for their news.  


Local Media – Key findings include:

  • Readers are more than twice as likely to act on ads in local media than ads on TV and social media.
  • Its the most effective combination for driving consumer action.
  • Its nearly four times more trusted to provide relevant information about the local area than commercial TV and radio scoring a health 54% preference when questioned.
  • 56% agreed that Local Media are the best for standing up for local people in the area.
  • 93% questioned agree that “..if something is advertised in my local paper / website it will be available locally”


Local media outlets still provide “eyes and ears” when it comes to local news products and provide a loyal audience perfect for targeting.  We can provide you with key opportunities, for you as a business, to target the right audience at the right time with the right product.

It is no longer simply a matter of purchasing display advertising and hoping that your  target customer will see it.  There are so many tools available to insure that you target effectively and capitalise on every opportunity and to effectively own a piece of our audience.

Take a look at our Solutions section on our Home Page to see just come of the solutions we have or better still, drop us a line on the contacts page and we’ll get straight back to you with the very best solution for you to target your customers, at the right time and in the right place.


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*Local Media Works, part of the News Media Association, is the home of marketing for local newspapers and their digital platforms, helping advertisers and agencies to better understand the context and power of local media and sharing best practice across its membership.