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As Wales’ only daily national title the Western Mail gives you fresh news and insight into all the issues affecting Wales and beyond.

You can find news, opinion, politics, sport, property and everything in between.



Source: JICREG Nov 2016

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Source: JICREG Nov 2016

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Possibly Wales most iconic national publication and Wales' only daily national title, The Western Mail reaches the largest and the smallest communities across the principality.

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First with the views, topics and latest news affecting South Wales and Wales as a whole. Your brand needs an audience and we have the leading audience statistics for the area as part of Media Wales.

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WalesOnline is Wales' leading media company with unparalleled visitor traffic within the Welsh market. With over 3.6 million monthly visitors and almost 28 million page views per month, a rounded print and online ad campaign provides unbeatable brand exposure within South Wales and Wales as a whole.

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Source: Omniture July-Dec 2016